The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice

Additional Fellowship Training

Fellows who are interested may be considered for a second year focused on the development of particular skills. Fellows from other one-year programs interested in a second year of training are also encouraged to apply. While the program is developed to meet the individual needs of the fellow, plans generally fall into one of two broad tracks: research or education. Second year fellowship plans are developed in collaboration with the program director and others, typically by the mid-point of the first year of training.

Where our  fellowship graduates are working:

Southern California

Cedars-Sinai Hospital and Hospice, Los AngelesLoma Linda University Hospital, CASan Diego Home Care DoctorsSan Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative MedicineTrinityCare Hospice, Torrance
University of California, San Diego

 Across North America

Allegiance Hospice Care, ME
Baylor Geriatrics and Palliative Care, TX

Big Bend Hospice, FL

British Columbia Hospice, Canada

Capital Hospice, VA
Hospice of Lancaster, PA
Hospice of Metro Denver, CO
Hospice of St. Martin and St. Lucie, FL
Merrimack Valley Hospice, MA
Nathan Adelson Hospice, NV
Abbott Northwestern Hospital, MN
Palliative Medicine Service, NE
Pikes Peak Hospice, CO
St. Claire’s Hospital & The Hospice House, WA
St. John’s Hospital, IL
St. Vincent’s Hospital, NY
University of Massachusetts
Washington Home and Hospice, Washington DC
Zuni Nation Hospital, AZ