The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice

Before a Visit to SDHIPM

Application Procedure

The Center for Advanced Learning strives to provide excellent educational experiences for SDHIPM visitors.  In order to best accommodate you, we ask each visitor to complete an application form which includes:

  • Your educational objectives
  • A personal statement explaining why you want to visit SDHIPM
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae
  • Preferred and alternate dates for your visit to SDHIPM
  • Evidence of licensure and insurance (if appropriate)
  • Applicable tuition fees

Note: As we have a limit to the number of visitors that can be accommodated at any one time, please submit a visitor program application as far in advance of your intended visit as possible.  Our staff will try our best to accommodate all visit requests.


Licensure and Insurance

To participate in direct patient care in a role other than an observer, visitors must show proof of an unrestricted license to practice in the State of California or other appropriate licensure before visiting SDHIPM.  For more information, please contact Sarah Davis, U.S. Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program Coordinator at: +1.619.278.6412 or e-mail

Students in accredited training programs can be accommodated for visits provided that we have a contract with the sponsoring institution. 

Notification of Acceptance

Upon receipt of completed application, CAL staff will review your request to determine whether we can accommodate your objectives.  Please ensure that all supporting documents are included with your application.  Missing information will only delay the review process and risk delaying your visit.  You will be notified within 4 weeks to affirm program availability and negotiate acceptable dates for your visit.

Once you have confirmed your visit:

  1. CAL staff will make every effort to customize a program to meet your educational objectives.  Before you depart for SDHIPM, a personalized schedule of your activities during your visit will be provided.
  2. Any reservations for accommodation, travel, or restaurants should be pre-arranged.  While CAL staff will be able to make recommendations, they cannot make any reservations for you.  You will be responsible for all expenses related to your travel, accommodation, meals and transportation in San Diego