The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice

Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses Overview

IPM provides clinical experience in palliative care/primary care for Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nursing students enrolled in Master’s degree programs both in the San Diego area and, upon request, in other areas of the country.  Students needing to meet clinical requirements in nursing management, and research are also welcome. 

NP students do rotations in all of SDHIPM’s clinical settings including the Inpatient Care Center, home care teams, one or more of our hospital consult services, and in our outpatient clinic.   NP students are precepted by palliative care Nurse Practitioners as well as working closely with palliative care physicians.

We are currently developing a Nurse Practitioner Fellowship program in hospice/palliative care.

For more information about opportunities for Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Practice Nurses, please contact Connie Carr, Nurse Practitioner at +1.619.278.6411 or e-mail