The Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice

Educational Programs

The Palliative Care Psychiatry Educational Programs provides education on palliative care psychiatry to hospice staff, institutional partners, and to many of the 1,700+ healthcare students who rotate through The Institute for Palliative Medicine each year.  We are also proud to announce the inaugural year of fellowship training in Palliative Care Psychiatry (click here for more information).  In addition, this program supports:

  • Week-long required palliative care psychiatry rotations for psychiatry residents from the University of California, San Diego (approximately 9/year).
  • Year-long elective palliative psychiatry rotations for senior psychiatry residents from the University of California, San Diego (approximately 2/year).
  • Ongoing palliative care psychiatry interactive lectures and grand-round education for every 3rd-year UCSD medical student (124/year), and for family practice and internal medicine residents from 8 different residency programs operating in San Diego County (approximately 80/year).
  • Research mentoring for trainees (11 to date ranging from undergraduate nursing and BS students to psychiatry residents, as well as geropsychiatry and psychopharmacology fellows).
  • Training in basic palliative care psychiatry for palliative medicine fellows from across the US and from developing countries such as Mongolia, Vietnam, Jordan, the Republic of Georgia, and Pakistan (approximately 15/year).
  • Clinical Palliative Care Psychiatry Case Specific Education via Pal-Med Connect

Visitor training/elective opportunities in Palliative Care Psychiatry also exist. For more information please contact Scott A. Irwin, MD, PhD, Director, Psychiatry Programs at +1 (619) 278-6246 or email